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IMEKO TC-11 & TC24 | Workshop on ILAC G8:09/2019

Within the frame of the Joint IMEKO TC11 & TC24 Conference, on 16.10.2022 (Sunday), the day before the official opening of the Conference, a Workshop on the ILAC G8:09/2019 Guidelines on Decision Rules and Statements of Conformity will be held. The workshop will be at the same venue/hotel as the Joint IMEKO TC11 & TC24 Conference.

The Workshop is free of charge for all the registered Conference participants (both with physical presence and on-line), and they are all kindly invited to take active part in the workshop.

The introductory presenters at workshop will be renowned experts in the field of accreditation, certification and overall conformity assessment .

Moderators of the workshop discussions will be Prof. DSc. Marija Cundeva-Blajer, scientific secretary of TC11 and Prof. DSc. Leonardo Iannucci, scientific secretary of TC24.

The workshop will provide introductory information of the application of the ILAC G8:09/2019 Guidelines on Decision Rules and Statements of Conformity, as well as a forum for exchange of experiences and knowledge among practitioners in the TIC and  Chemical Measurements sectors. The topics covered by the workshop are the following:

  • necessary terms and definitions,

  • decision rules and statements of conformity in ISO/IEC 17025:2017,

  • measurement uncertainty and decision risk overview,

  • guard bands and decision rules,

  • taking measurement uncertainty into account,

  • decision rule selection flow chart,

  • decision rule documentation and application and

  • examples of decision rules

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