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Date: October 12, 2024 
Time: 9:15 AM – 4:00 PM  
Starting Point: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Price: TBA

the price includes:

  • private transportation

  • professional guide

  • light lunch

the price does not include:

  • drink consumption

FIELD TRIP – Dubrovnik Area

Itinerary Overview

Join us for an immersive geological excursion in the picturesque Dubrovnik area, where engineering geology and hydrogeology intersect with stunning natural landscapes. This one-day field trip will take you through the fascinating geological features of the region, offering insights into the Dinaric karst, engineering marvels, and vital water resources. Our journey will encompass mountains, rivers, and springs, providing a comprehensive understanding of the region's geological complexity and its implications for infrastructure and sustainability.

9:00 AM - Departure from Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
The day begins with eager participants gathering in front of the elegant Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. Nestled along the stunning Dalmatian coast, the hotel provides a picturesque backdrop as the group sets off for a day of geological exploration.

9:30 AM - Coffee Break at Srđ Mountain
After a short drive, the first stop is Srđ Mountain, offering panoramic views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. Over coffee, the group delves into the fascinating world of the Dinaric karst. This region, characterized by its rugged limestone terrain, provides an excellent case study for engineering geology. The Srđ area exemplifies the complex geological processes that have shaped the Dinaric Alps, including karstification, which plays a crucial role in the hydrogeology of the region.

11:00 AM - Franjo Tuđman Bridge
Next, the excursion moves to the Franjo Tuđman Bridge, spanning the Ombla River. This architectural marvel is not only a feat of engineering but also a testament to the geological challenges overcome during its construction. Participants will learn about the engineering geological aspects that ensured the bridge's stability and longevity in a karst environment prone to sinkholes and other subterranean anomalies.

12:00 PM - Karst Spring Ombla
A short drive brings the group to the Ombla spring, a spectacular example of a Dinaric karst spring. This natural wonder is a vital water source for Dubrovnik, showcasing the region's unique hydrogeology. Here, discussions will focus on the spring's significance and the ambitious project to create an underground water reservoir to secure a sustainable water supply for the city.

1:00 PM - Engineering Geology on the Bus
As the bus departs from Ombla, participants will engage in an informative session about the engineering geological projects involved in constructing the motorway from Doli to Osojnik. This segment highlights the challenges and solutions in building infrastructure in a karst region, emphasizing the importance of geological surveys and innovative engineering techniques.

2:00 PM - Hydroelectrical Power Plant “Plat”
The next stop is the Plat hydroelectric power plant, a critical link between Herzegovinian Popovo polje and the coastal area near Dubrovnik. This site illustrates the interplay between geology and energy production, demonstrating how the natural landscape is harnessed to generate power. Participants will explore the geological considerations in the plant's design and operation, including its integration with the surrounding karst features.

3:00 PM - Lunch in the Konavle Area
After an exciting morning of geological discoveries, the group will enjoy a relaxing lunch in the scenic Konavle area. This region, known for its lush landscapes and rich history, provides a serene setting to unwind and discuss the morning's insights.

4:30 PM - Konavoska Ljuta Karst Spring
Post-lunch, the excursion continues to the Konavoska Ljuta karst spring. This site offers another opportunity to study the hydrogeology of the Dinaric karst, focusing on the spring's formation, water quality, and its role in the local ecosystem. The discussion will also cover the implications of karst springs for regional water management and sustainability.

6:00 PM - Return to Dubrovnik
As the day winds down, the bus returns to Dubrovnik, allowing participants to reflect on the day's learnings. The journey back provides a final chance to appreciate the diverse geological features of the Dubrovnik area, from its majestic mountains to its hidden subterranean water sources.

8:00 PM - Arrival at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
The excursion concludes back at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. Participants part ways, enriched with a deeper understanding of the engineering geology and hydrogeology of the Dubrovnik area, ready to apply their newfound knowledge in their future geological endeavors.


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