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Workshop on Engineering Geological Models

An Engineering Geological Model (EGM) is a comprehensive knowledge framework that supports the interpretation and assessment of the engineering geological conditions so that projects can be successfully engineered. Freely downloadable Guidelines on the development and application of engineering geological models on projects have been developed by the IAEG ( The Guidelines are intended to be used worldwide by consultants, clients, owners, government bodies and regulators on projects of all scales including civil engineering, mining, geohazard studies, offshore studies, land-use planning and environmental assessments. They have been translated into Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish with plans for further translations as required.

The workshop

This workshop will provide an overview of the IAEG Guidelines followed by sessions working in small supervised teams on real life exercises involving typical infrastructure developments in challenging geological environments. The workshop is intended for a broad range of geotechnical professionals ranging from geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists who prepare engineering geological models on projects, to senior staff who ensure the quality of their work. The workshop may also be of interest to National Group representatives intending to promote the Guidelines in the future.


  • Attendees will have gained an appreciation and practical working knowledge of:

  • The internationally adopted Guidelines for the development of engineering geological models

  • An understanding of the knowledge framework and different types of models that go to make up an EGM and skills in developing those models for a range of infrastructure projects.

  • An appreciation of how models can be communicated using a range of media from maps and sections to computer generated 3D models.


Where and when

Dubrovnik: Tuesday 8 October, Room 2, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, 0900 – 1700.


  • Dr Fred Baynes: Past President of the IAEG and Chair of the IAEG Commission 25 on Engineering Geological Models

  • Ian Shipway: Senior Principal at EDG Consulting, Australia

  • Ross Roberts: IAEG National Group Leader, New Zealand and Head of Engineering Resilience at Auckland Council

Registration numbers and costs

Registration numbers will be limited to 30 with a nominal fee of 90,00 EUR to cover costs

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