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Date: October 12, 2024 
Time: 8:45 AM – 7:00 PM  
Starting Point: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Price: 70,00 EUR

the price includes:

  • private transportation

  • professional guide

  • light lunch

the price does not include:

  • drink consumption

FIELD TRIP – Trebišnjica Hydrosystem, TREBINJE, BiH

Geology Tour of the Trebišnjica Hydrosystem
Date: October 12, 2024  
Time: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM  
Starting Point: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Itinerary Overview
Join us for an immersive geology field trip through the Trebišnjica Hydrosystem, nestled in the scenic landscape of Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This full-day excursion will provide an in-depth exploration of the region’s unique geological and hydrological features, revealing the intricate dance between natural formations and human engineering.

1. Departure from Dubrovnik
Time: 9:00 AM  
Our journey begins promptly at 9:00 AM from the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. As we depart, the early morning light casts a warm glow over the Adriatic, setting the tone for a day of discovery and adventure. Our comfortable transport will take us through picturesque landscapes as we head towards our first geological wonder.

2. Grančarevo Dam
Arriving at the Grančarevo Dam, you will witness the grandeur of the largest dam on the Trebišnjica River. This engineering marvel not only stands as a testament to human ingenuity but also provides insights into the geological forces at play. Here, we will delve into the dam’s construction and its pivotal role in water management and flood control within the hydrosystem.

3. Fatnica Polje Tunnel Outlet – Reservoir "Bileća"
Our next stop is the Fatnica Polje Tunnel Outlet, where the tunnel connects to the expansive Bileća Reservoir. This site showcases the sophisticated water management strategies designed to harness and regulate the region’s water flow. Observe the engineering solutions that facilitate this connection and learn about their impact on local hydrology.

4. Trebišnjica Springs and Reservoir "Bileća"
We then explore the natural springs feeding into the Bileća Reservoir. These springs are vital to the hydrological network, providing a continuous water supply that sustains both human and ecological needs. As we walk along the reservoir’s edge, you will gain an appreciation for the intricate balance maintained within this water system.

5. Fatničko Polje Tunnel Entrance
At the entrance of the Fatničko Polje Tunnel, you will enter the subterranean world that channels water through the karst landscape. This part of the tour highlights the natural karst formations and the human interventions designed to navigate and utilize these underground passages.

6. Dabarsko Polje – Fatničko Polje Geotechnical Problems
Our excursion continues with a study of the geotechnical challenges present between Dabarsko Polje and Fatničko Polje. Here, you will learn about the complex interplay of karst geology and water flow management, and the innovative solutions developed to address these issues.

7. Nevesinje Reservoir Tunnel Inlet – HPP Dabar
Next, we inspect the inlet of the tunnel leading to the Nevesinje Reservoir and HPP Dabar. This site provides a fascinating look at how hydroelectric power is generated from the region’s water resources, combining natural geological features with advanced engineering.

8. Nevesinjsko Polje
Exploring Nevesinjsko Polje, you will find yourself in a significant karst field known for its distinctive geological characteristics. This area offers a unique opportunity to study the natural processes that have shaped the landscape over millennia.

9. Lunch at Kifino Selo
Time: 1:00 PM  
Midday, we will take a well-deserved break in the charming village of Kifino Selo. Here, you can relax and enjoy a delicious local lunch, providing the perfect opportunity to discuss the morning’s discoveries with fellow enthusiasts.

10. Klinje Dam and Reservoir
Our final stop is the Klinje Dam and Reservoir, another crucial component of the Trebišnjica Hydrosystem. The dam’s history and its role in regional water management will be explored, rounding off our comprehensive tour of this remarkable hydrological network.

Return to Dubrovnik
We will return to Dubrovnik by 8:00 PM, concluding our insightful geological field trip. This excursion offers an exceptional opportunity to understand the complex interactions between geology and human engineering in the Trebišnjica Hydrosystem, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the natural world and our place within it.

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