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For foreign citizens:


Since 1 April 2013, the Republic of Croatia has been applying the European Union’s Common Visa Policy. Pursuant to the Government’s Decision, the Republic of Croatia applies the Decision No 565/2014/EU according to which all third-country nationals who are holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia. Further information is available under Visas.

The travel document which a third-country national is using to enter Croatia must be valid for at least another three months after the planned departure from Croatia and issued within the previous 10 years (e.g. an third-country national staying in Croatia until 26 December 2013 has to hold a passport valid at least until 27 March 2014). This does not apply to EU/EEA citizens who can enter Croatia with a passport or an identity card, both valid for the duration of stay and exit from Croatia. 



Each visa applicant shall enclose following documents with the application:   

valid travel document   

– the validity period of the travel document should exceed that of the visa by three months   

– travel document must be issued in the previous 10 years   

– travel document must contain at least two empty pages for the visa   

a 35×45 mm color photo   

evidence of travel health insurance   

evidence of paid visa fee   

documents that prove:   

– the purpose of the stay in Croatia   

– ensured accommodation   

– means of subsistence to cover the stay in Croatia and the return to the country of origin or to a third country   

– means of transport and the intention to return to the applicant’s country of origin or to a third country


Local organizer will help in the process by issuing conference attendance invitation, confirmation on accepted paper and confirmation on the hotel reservation and airline ticket if they are purchased through the official agency.


For hotel and plane ticket reservation you can contact

All other information can also be found at the Croatian Ministry of foreign affairs’ website


All participants asking for Invitation letter must provide the organizer with the following information:

  Full name (as stated in the passport)
  Date and place of birth
  Passport number
  Place of issue and period of validity of the travel document
  Duration of the stay
  Address of stay (if not booked by the conference organizer)
  Copy of the valid passport (minimum validity Mar 01, 2020)

*Please note that only participants with all paid costs will receive the visa documentation and assistance with visa application. In case you do not obtain the visa you will be refunded with the full amount reduced by EUR 50 + VAT 25% for agency costs.

All traveling information and restrictions will be updated here on a regular basis.

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